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In 1998, the American website Drudge Report, ahead of the world's leading media, blew up the Internet with a story about the oral adventures of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.


Just imagine - the global scandal, which, according to some, played a significant role in the decision to launch a NATO operation in Serbia (to distract the public), was bloated by a simple blog on the underdeveloped internet of the late 20th century!

About NATO and Serbia, perhaps, we will no longer be - too much conspiracy here. But on the Drudge Report worth staying in more detail. This miracle resource was founded by Matt Drudge in 1996, initially specialized in news from Hollywood and was initially paid for - updates were sent via e-mail, and the annual subscription cost $ 10. But gradually the resource was politicized, and the most delicious thing in politics is dirt.

Matt Drudge

It's funny that the unique content of the Drudge Report that in the 90s, that today - is extremely small. In fact, this is a news aggregator with a simple design that collects links to other publications. Drudge and his colleagues create headlines and occasionally short notes. All the rest are links.

And on January 17, 1998, the Drudge Report was filled with references to many lesser-known publications and Internet resources: "Sexual scandal in the White House", "President Clinton fell for an affair with an intern" and so on. In his headlines, Drudge did not forget to mention that the most popular American weekly Newsweek refused to publish the news about Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky's “nine sexual episodes”.

Drudge Report

And so it began: the Senate commission, Lewinsky’s confessions, taped by her friend, the notorious white spot on her dress, the impeachment of Clinton. Already on January 19, the president of the main state of the world was cornered and forced to confess that he had had more than once with Monica. And Miss Lewinsky herself for a while became the most popular woman on the planet.


And all this porridge made a resource with, to put it mildly, dubious reputation, which he later repeatedly confirmed. After making sure that such news is a goldmine, Matt Drudge and his team are completely immersed in politics and successfully wallow in this substance to this day. For example, it was they who in 2008 trumpeted to the whole world, where the British prince Harry is serving in Afghanistan (the MI-5 kept it secret, for fear of assassination). For all this, Drage and his team are not any communist punks. Their resource is characterized as conservative, but “with a scent”.

Drudge Report notable stories

It's funny that having a tiny share of unique content and a little less than no design, the Drudge Report remains extremely popular to this day.

This is the site of the Drudge Report this year, 2019, and 3 million people visit it daily. Mark McKinnon, a former PR advisor to George W. Bush, admitted that he was on duty 30-40 times a day.

Here is where the stability! Here, who needs to learn success! If you do not hesitate, of course.

In 2008, Basecamp founder Jason Fried wrote an article that The Drudge Report has an unusually successful design, and led a number of arguments in its favor that are still true: it’s easy to manage for a timeless design publication and is compatible with any device. And most importantly - Drudge Report is difficult to confuse with some other site.

To create a high-quality design, you need to spend a lot of time developing options, maintain feedback with the audience and implement updates carefully - if you serve a large number of users who are accustomed to a particular appearance and functionality of the site, you can easily scare them off with unsuccessful changes.

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